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Lindsay Banks

I'm creating a place for spiritual support

Lindsay Banks

I'm creating a place for spiritual support

Bringing together starseeds and lightworkers to navigate the spiritual journey with ease and grace

About Me

Hey, I'm Lindsay. My work over the last few years has seen me go from a Reiki teacher, to a Himalayan Salt lamp seller, to a psychic medium, to a channeller, to author and more. Along my ways I have met numerous people going through spiritual awakenings and sharing their journeys with me. I created Consciousness Arising initially over on FB back in Jan 2019, a space for people going through awakening to come together, to get support and connect with others. The spiritual journey doesn't have to be lonely. 

Why You Should Join Me

My bigger vision is to create a global community of like minded individuals who support and connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. Part of my own soul plan is to bring like minded individuals together, to teach, to educate and to inform. I LOVE sharing my knowledge and experience with the world and I would LOVE for you to be part of my journey, as much as I can be of service in yours. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you from my heart for being part of this community. 

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